Lectra launches the Observatory of innovation and transformation in the fashion, furniture and automotive markets

Paris, December 12, 2023 – As a leader in technology solutions accelerating the transition of fashion, furniture and automotive companies to Industry 4.0, Lectra announces the launch of its Observatory to mark its 50th anniversary. The Observatory will focus on innovations and changes in the fashion, furniture and automotive markets, to help these sectors stay informed and adapt to new opportunities. The Lectra Observatory’s first white paper on the advent of Industry 4.0 is already available online.

The Observatory should fuel and enrich collective reflection.

Lectra, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is a strategic partner to companies in the fashion, automotive and furniture industries. The Group supplies them with software, equipment particularly for cutting fabric and leather, data management solutions, and associated services.

“Our role is to support our customers’ digital transformation by helping them to benefit from new opportunities for growth, contributing to their success, through our industrial intelligence solutions,” explains Maria Modroño, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lectra.

“As the pace of technological innovation accelerates and integration of CSR into our business strategies becomes essential, we and our customers need more than ever to identify and decipher – or even anticipate – current and future changes. We need a variety of perspectives on the underlying trends that are impacting our activities and our value creation models. The creation of the Lectra Observatory reflects our desire to contribute to this very necessary collective reflection,” she says.

The Lectra Observatory’s work will focus as a priority on technological and industrial innovations, as well as on the economic, social and environmental transformation of the fashion, furniture and automotive markets. The work will be done in interaction with external experts, prioritizing an international approach. It will be made available free of charge to everyone, to encourage discussion and the emergence of new collaboration opportunities.

Publication of a first white paper on the impact of Industry 4.0

The first white paper of the Lectra Observatory is already available online. Entitled The rise of Industry 4.0 boosts manufacturing efficiency, it is the result of several months of work and discussions with different experts. In it, the companies Porsche Consulting, Tesca, Leisure Creations and Valerius Texteis share their vision of the major changes enabled by Industry 4.0 in their sectors.

Their viewpoints are complemented by those of a number of European and American experts: Dorothée Kohler and Jean-Daniel Weisz of French consultancy firm Kohler Consulting & Coaching; Marco Taisch, Professor at the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and President of the MADE in Italy Industry 4.0 skills center, and the American Jake Hall, creator of video podcast The Manufacturing Millennial.

“We’re delighted to present the first publication by our Observatory with this white paper. It provides a survey of the adoption of Industry 4.0 across the world and emphasizes its ability to connect all stakeholders in the product value chain, while also looking at the challenges still to be met by companies to optimize the opportunities opened up by the 4th great industrial revolution,” explains Maria Modroño.

For more information about the Lectra Observatory and the white paper, click here.

About Lectra:

As a major player in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets, Lectra contributes to the Industry 4.0 revolution with boldness and passion by providing best-in-class technologies.

The Group offers industrial intelligence solutions – software, equipment, data and services – that facilitate the digital transformation of the companies it serves. In doing so, Lectra helps its customers push boundaries and unlock their potential. The Group is proud to state that its 2,500 employees are driven by three core values: being open-minded thinkers, trusted partners and passionate innovators.

Founded in 1973, Lectra reported revenues of 522 million euros in 2022 and is listed on Euronext, where it is included in the following indices: SBF 120, CAC Mid 60, CAC Mid&Small, CAC All Shares, CAC All-Tradable, CAC Technology, EN Tech Leaders and ENT PEA-PME 150.

For more information, visit www.lectra.com.







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